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Maria and Caleb.  November 20th, 2016  Allerton Park, IL  Filed Under: Portraits. Lake Bloomington Engagement.  October 23rd, 2016  Bloomington., IL  Filed Under: Portraits. Joy and Kari Wedding.  October 22nd, 2016  Champaign, IL  Filed Under: Wedding Megan and Tyson.  October 11th, 2016  Leroy, IL  Filed Under: Portraits. Angel Family.  October 9th, 2016  Champaign., IL  Filed Under: Family Rowan.  October 2nd, 2016  Micah McCoy Studio, IL  Filed Under: Senior Addie.  October 1st, 2016  Allerton Park, IL  Filed Under: Senior Grey Team Soccer Photos.  October 1st, 2016  Farmer City, IL  Filed Under: Family Portraits with Briahna.  September 11th, 2016  Homer Lake, IL  Filed Under: Art Prints Engagement in Springfield.  September 3rd, 2016  Springfield, IL  Filed Under: Wedding Summer Texas Wedding.  July 23rd, 2016  Rosenberg, TX  Filed Under: Wedding Alicia and Patrick.  June 25th, 2016  Urbana, IL., IL  Filed Under: Wedding Mel and Cem.  June 18th, 2016  Allerton Park/Urbana, IL  Filed Under: Wedding